Intention: Building Capabilities to Transform Your Story

Helping You Master Intent

Intention offers the foundation to adapt, grow and operate in a new way of being. This book explores the essence of you and your narrative, as well as rescues toward taking action to improve your story.

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What Others are saying About intention

Sangeeth Varghese Photo

“Everything starts with intent. However, when we cow down to our inertia and give intent a miss, we miss out on wonderful transformational journeys, that could have been ours. This book is a wonderful guide, that could help each one of us, to consciously define our transformations, prioritize our needs, identify the cues, harness our natural abilities, and then actively evolve towards what we should really be.”

Sangeeth Varghese, MBA Founder, LeadCap Ventures

Sohee Jun Photo

“If you’re looking to make some intentional changes in your life, whether big, small or somewhere in between, Dr. Brooks has written a book that will ensure your success! Not only is the book practical with lots of sound strategies, it can guide you step by step and is for anyone who’s looking to make lasting, successful change!”

Sohee Jun, PhD Author, Leadership Expert and Coach

Henny Portman Coach Photo

“This book offers you a framework, steps to take, points of attention, advice, and many real life examples to support you in your journey. It could be the trigger to make your next move.”

Henny Portman Coach, Portman PM[O] Consultancy

Jana Bedard Photo

“This book is about making a transformation within yourself and living your life with intention. I loved its readability, stories from the heart and practical tips it offered. There was not one thing about it that I disliked! I recommend this book to anyone who feels interested in diving deeper into themselves and getting the motivation and courage to make a positive change within their life. I give it five stars!”

Jana Bedard, Executive, Nike