Rhodes Smith Consulting is a personal transformation and leadership development company, specializing in expanding individuals’ human potential and success, surpassing the greatest hurdles in one’s life – from career, relationships, financial freedom, and beyond. At Rhodes Smith, we are catalysts of transformation – the provocateurs of the uncomfortable – aimed to expand your story that is authentic and true to your intention. Our clients are risk takers and are passionate about breaking through pre-set patterns and habits. If you are in an organization where a leader is seeking to enhance how you interact with your team, peers, or build influence, or an individual seeking to excel past your status quo. Rhodes Smith provides a holistic approach aimed to reframe, restructure, and renew capabilities centered around: Mind, Body, Intention.

With the digital era establishing a pace of organizational innovation that is only matched by human resource headaches that resonate from toxic cultures created by the lack of leadership skills, Dr. Brooks and the Rhodes Smith team offer one-on-one consulting and customized plans to help you and your organizational leaders forge new behavioral paths. We develop the soft skills in leaders that matter most for organizations in the future – when the software is not the differentiator. Our role is to accelerate the process of leadership self awareness in younger generations, as leadership power is thrust upon them. Where what you know outpaces the capabilities of your leaders to achieve it, Rhodes Smith supports leaders in developing behavioral skills that impact their teams, peers, and goal execution. It takes a great deal of focused determination, dedication, and energy, and Dr. Brooks is ready to help you take this journey and truly master your intentions.

Are you ready to enrich your life or have your team exceed their own expectations? With over two decades of extensive experience building and reshaping individuals’ lives, Dr. Brooks is confident in his ability to help you and your team meet the needs of  today and build sustainable capabilities for the future. Established in 2013, Rhodes Smith Consulting, has built a global reputation for working with leaders from some of the world’s most iconic brands and individuals wanting something more out of life. Rhodes Smith is not a staff augmentation consultancy. We place value in supporting those  who build and own competencies to sustain new behaviors. If you are meant for more, you must build capabilities and trust experiencing the uncomfortable. Move from a place of survival to a place of expansion. Allow Rhodes Smith to help you understand, create, realize, and maintain the power of your intentions.


Established in 2013, Dr. Ian Brooks founded Rhodes Smith Consulting: a personal transformation and leadership education company. Dr. Brooks has over two decades of experience specializing in personal development and clinical psychology. His mission is to help people move incrementally and precisely toward their goals in leadership, life, career, relationships, and beyond. His early experience in clinical psychology taught him the value of understanding the choices people make and how it can influence the direction of their lives, helping others challenge themselves beyond what they thought was possible in pursuit of something more. In short, his passion is helping people feel inspired and realize their capabilities. He offers clients wisdom in establishing the right behaviors in being a better leader and in life – seeking experiences that strengthen the foundation in which it was laid. With a fierce passion and a curated program, his holistic approach to master intentions is simple: Mind, Body, Intention. 

Dr. Brooks earned his PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Marshall Goldsmith School of Management at Alliant International University and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Auburn University at Montgomery. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Morehouse College. He also pursued a National Academy of Sports Medicine certification and a bartending license, furthering his development to understand individuals and build connections.

He is an avid fitness connoisseur and aspiring sommelier. In his free time, you can catch him attending sporting events across the country – with an emphasis on his favorite teams from the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas –  or pushing his own personal boundaries to find new levels of success.

Dr. Ian Brooks - Rhodes Smith Consulting